Hell Week was supposed to be over…

Instead I woke up horribly sick, and I was debating going to final review anyway, my instructor insisted it was okay that I stay home (probably because she didn’t want me to get everyone else sick). 

Except, I feel like I missed out on a huge milestone in my life. Not to mention the amount of hours and my life that I gave into this project, just for my body to betray me last minute, and basically extend my hell week because of my being sick.

I made countless drawings, sketches, models, a board, concrete and rammed earth blocks…for nothing. Whats the point if the reviewers done see it? I think I’m more mad at myself, than anything. 

Thanks a lot architorture, somehow in all of this, I end up loving you and warring with myself. That is so sick and twisted. I am definitely a masochist.

When you have a design epiphany…

…it just happened.

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